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why train with us?

We won’t sugar coat it, our programs are mentally, physically, and financially demanding.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of fitness training programs out there – the good, the bad, and the ugly. So why should you choose Symmetry?

We are not a health spa, and there is no lounge corner. What we are is a serious gym for serious people where you train hard to be the best you can be. To achieve life-changing results, one must be mentally prepared to sweat it out.

If you think you are ready to get serious about your fitness, then you have come to the right place.

The Symmetry Difference

Holistic Approach

Our personal trainers are not just trainers. We go beyond the basics of fitness and exercise to offer clients tailored nutritional and lifestyle solutions.

Highly Structured

Unlike any other fitness center in Dubai, we will never leave you to your own devices. All of our sessions are delivered from an agreed timetable by one of our trainers. You can leave all the planning to us.

Quality not Quantity

We do not push you hard just for the sake of it. We want to see you improve and grow in confidence with each session.

Realistic Goals

We all have different limitations and goals, and our job is to recognize this, to understand what they are, and find a clear path to success.


Exercises are all about finding the right balance between fitness and fun. We will work with you to find the program that best matches your lifestyle and personal priorities.


There is no special treatment at Symmetry. It is up to you how much you want to achieve and how far you want to go.

Individuated Program

Everyone responds to training and nutrition differently. We continuously monitor the progress of every workout and exercise to help you optimize your training and get results faster.

Guaranteed results

When we create your training regimen, we won’t merely guide you to your final goal – we will make sure you stay there. We ensure that your improved health, strength, and stamina are sustainable in the long term.

This level of precision and personal attention only exists in one place
Symmetry Gym Dubai


Meet Our Team

Amir siddiqui


Symmetry Gym is the brain-child of Amir Siddiqui, who developed his own training methodology, called the “Fission-Fusion Training System”, which is the result of 15 years of empirical research, study and results-based training. It is a comprehensive, integrated and holistic training system designed to push the limits of strength, speed and power by just the right amount to ensure maximum permanent results. Amir brought his unique concept to Dubai in 2011 and since then his revolutionary methods have transformed the physiques of everyone from stay at home moms to CEOs of multinational corporations.


head coach

Umar is one of Amir’s original team members. He began his fitness career in Pakistan almost a decade ago and joined Symmetry after successfully attaining the status of head coach in Karachi. Umar undertakes a result-focused (qualitative and quantitative), no-nonsense style of training approach, and, at times, an unbearable choice of rock music. From desk jockeys to aspiring athletes, Umar has successfully transformed the lives of numerous clients from diverse backgrounds. His high energy approach makes fans out of our clients instantly.



Andrej hails from Novi Sad, in Serbia, he brings the European touch to our team. Andrej is a dedicated fitness professional with a passion for improving client health, wellness, and quality of life. He delivers high-energy training using the latest techniques from Symmetry Gym. Andrej is adept in helping our clients achieve their fitness, weight loss, and conditioning goals faster than they ever thought possible. He has accumulated many years of experience across multiple fitness centers prior to joining Symmetry Gym in Dubai. Andrej holds a certificate as an Advanced Body Building & Fitness Training Specialist from the International Federation of Bodybuilding.



Babs is from Lagos in Nigeria and is the newest addition to the team. Babs brings more than 15 years of experience to Symmetry Gym. He has an extensive background from training clients to professionals with nominal expertise in fitness. Babs approaches fitness as a lifelong behavior modification where you have continuous improvement. He defines his sessions as simple, challenging, and efficient with an emphasis on proper form and mobility. Babs is eager to work with anyone having a clear fitness goal and eagerness to work towards it.

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