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Finally, after 12 years of in-the-trenches experience with over 2,000 clients we have decided to offer our unique training system to people all over the world.

Now you don’t have to live in Dubai to experience the patented Fission~Fusion Training method (developed by Symmetry Gym owner Amir Siddiqui) that has helped so many regular people with real lives and careers, achieve incredible bodies; the bodies they had wanted but never had the right idea-tools to attain.

If you’ve been following Symmetry Gym for the past 7 years in Dubai then you know that we provide the most serious and sophisticated fitness programming in the Middle East.

As with our Dubai gym, our online coaching program comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t fully satisfied with your program and your coaching within 28 days, just ask for a full refund and you will get it – no questions asked!

Sign up for our Symmetry Online Coaching program and you will receive


12 week Exercise and Diet Plan


24/7 Online Coaching Support from our Symmetry Coaches with Amir Siddiqui designing and going over your plan every 4 weeks.


Full Video Library access featuring demos of the actual exercises we use at our physical location in Dubai

Our online training is available as a 3 month/12 week package.

With a one time face-to-face assessment done over Skype or Whatsapp for 2,559.00 AED.
Followed by a 12 week coaching fee of 3,600.00 AED.

This grand total of 6,159 AED gives you:

– One intial consult with Amir Siddiqui, owner of Symmetry Gym.
– A weekly Skype or Whatsapp consult with a Symmetry coach.
– A completely customized 12 week program and food plan.
– 24/7 access via whatsapp with a Symmetry Coach.
– Video coaching (you record and end us videos of exercises you need help with)
– Weekly assessment of various measurements that you provide and we guide.
– Access to the Symmetry Inner Circle FB group.

There are hundreds if not thousands of online coaches out there. And not more than a handful of them actually work with real people in the real world; meaning people who have average genetics and no time. 

Now YOU get access to this incredible vault of knowledge and experience at fraction of the price we charge in Dubai.

We only have one package for now but will offer different tiers in the future.

Why only one right now? We are perfectionists.


We’re going to make sure our first 10 online clients get such incredible results that there is no question that Symmetry Gym is the worlds top fitness solution provider.


The savings can go to all the new clothes you’re going to need when we get your into the shape of your life!


You’ve spent enough time being frustrated with your body, trying different diets, trying different exercisies and getting nowhere.

It’s finally time to work with Symmetry Gym Because we can get you where you want to go.