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By Amir Siddiqui
Sep 16, 2019 | The Symmetry Method

The Symmetry Method
Stress Cycling

The issue with all the trainers you will hire and all the gyms you will regular over your fitness life’s journey is that they have no concept of programs design. The most quintessential skill in this field has been relegated to irrelevance because of the complexity and hard work required for its mastery. The typical trainer does not understand when to change, how to change, what to change and for whom to change. At Symmetry, program design mastery is our greatest strength, our greatest power and putting you through our program is our greatest source of joy in the process.

Most trainers will bore you with the same repetitive slogan of “keep it simple stupid”. Others will take the opposite extreme to hear and change up programs every single workout. Both worried about you not getting results rather than confident in their process and skill. And both exceptionally ignorant of the psychological – physiological realty of the human experience.

At Symmetry our method cycles stress, metabolic/mechanical full body stress with metabolic/mechanical body part stress. We work the kinetic chains of your body (head to toe and all muscles in between) for 10-15 weeks, and then we cycle that with 10-15 weeks of working the individual components of that birth those chains, your body parts. In this way we maximise fat loss and muscle remodelling to the extremes of your potential. Framed in a long-term plan we ensure a complete and utterly shocking permanent transformation for all of our clients.

Long Term Application, Cumulative
Effect and Foundation

The other large-scale issue is the exceptionally archaic focus other trainers have on the SHORT-TERM result. Throwing you into a large group class, unaware of your most basic individual needs and limitations, strengths and positives. Yes, you can get plenty of results wit the short terms focus.

But anyone who has been involved in this industry for any lengths o time will tell you, short term goals are achieved hundreds of times. Meaning they come and go like the seasons. And the micro trauma that accumulated over time from this go hard or go home body bashing results in injuries months down the line. When you have already forgotten about the whole experience and have already lost the little results you did get.

Each workout, each program and each exercise, set, rep and weight you execute in the gym has an immediate and delayed effect. An acute and chronic effect. If your coach does not understand what hundreds of burpees will do to your joins a year from now, and is hoping to get you fat-loss at the cost of loss of wrists, elbows and lower back, you may want to reconsider your commitment to such a debacle of training science and application method.

In most cases, the program that will FINALYY give you the body you want is three to five programs AWAY. You need to build a foundation of physical capability upon which you can build the body of your dreams. You can’t build on a faulty and in most cases NO FOUNDATION.

This is exactly WHY we cycle program types between Fission and Fusion – tow ends of the STRESS spectrum. Each program emphasizes a “type” of stress load to your system. We cycle the STRESS so you are always one step ahead of an injury or metabolic crash.


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